Hand written writing assessment, Day 1

In the fast paced work environment of today, many people are debating the use of the Internet as a productivity tool on one hand, and as a large drain on productivity and a waste of worker's time on the other. 

I believe the argument is best approached through applying a filter or "acid test" using the question "How much of this kind of activity is allowed without the use of the Internet, and does the amount of productivity lost generate a real problem?" 

Obviously employers have a need to keepkeep inappropriate activities such as gambling and pornography out of the workplace, although office attitudes differ greatly and what may be appropriate at one company, may not be allowed at another. 

Most modern work environments are extremely productive, due to the use of computer and communications technology and we should take into account the increased pace and productivity of workers and how this can be augmented by allowing them flexability. Is the employee who is reading news on CNN.COM or browsing an online shopping site doing so as a way to increase their own "personal" productivity, by using time that might otherwise be wasted or utilized in an inefficient manner. 

A good manager should take these things into account and not overstep the boundaries of common sense and restrict worker's activities capriciously, as this can create a morale draining and possibly hostile work atmosphere. Productivity is increased to full potential when finding a good balance between work demands and employee comfort.

(C) Jacob Stewart 2002 (Like you'd even want to claim ownership, eh?)